Best Outdoor Inflatable Chair – Airmazing!

Inflatable chairs and sofas are great for the garden or for taking away on day trips, camping holidays etc.

They are easy to inflate, can be stored away in a nice, small bag, and can provide a lot of comfortable seating.

I bought an inflatable corner sofa for my back garden and I just love it!

The popularity of inflatable seating is increasing, especially when you can use them for camping, day trips, the beach, festivals and of course for the garden or in the home.

The build and design quality of these products is also improving which make them a very affordable alternative.

Intex Valve Corner Couch / Sofa

The Intex Corner Sofa is easily my number one choice for outdoor inflatable chairs.

Okay, it may not be practical for everyone’s outside space, but for most gardens, this corner sofa is a triumph!

inflatable corner sofa
My inflatable corner sofa set up for our outdoor cinema night

Let me tell you about my awesome, 5 seat inflatable corner sofa..

I bought this primarily for our outdoor cinema project. I needed some extra seating that could be packed away nice and small.

As you can see it looks pretty cool. It’s also very comfy to sit on.

I used this electric air pump and connected it to my car cigarette lighter to inflate it.

You can also use the mains plug that’s supplied. It only took about 10 minutes to inflate the sofa and the cushions.

The manufacturer instructions say to not use high pressure inflation – so be careful.

If you used a hand-pump, it would obviously take much longer. Just take care not to over-inflate, in case the seams split when you sit on it. I went to about 85-90%.

Once inflated, the corner sofa is easy to move about and position where you want it. Just add your own cushions and throws, and you’re good to go.

It’s beige in colour, so it will soon show up marks and dirt. Ours marked up pretty quickly (mainly while we were inflating it) but the marks came off using a regular detergent and warm water.

Sitting on some throws or rugs will certainly keep it cleaner for longer.

Top Tip: Place a tarpaulin, old rug or mat underneath the sofa, to stop any sharp stones, twigs, debris etc. from accidentally piercing the skin.


Deflating the corner sofa took about 5 mins.

As you can see, there’s absolutely no way you can store it back in its original box, so you’ll need a cover or bigger box to store it.

I use an old Waste-Master storage bag that I had from my caravan, and it fits perfectly.

Well worth buying a waterproof bag to store your corner sofa.

Overall we love this inflatable corner sofa.

Here’s a summary..

  • It looks really smart – great colour
  • Easy to inflate / Deflate (especially if you use an electric air pump)
  • Small and easy to store once deflated
  • Waterproof – Can be left outside
  • Value for money
  • Easy to move about and position in place
  • Can fit 4-5 adults
  • Nice beige colour

The Intex Mega Lounge Chair is perfect for..well lounging. Its shape is designed that way.

Like all inflatable chairs and sofas, it’s light weight, and can be packed away into a small bag.

The Mega Lounge is a pretty much ‘no frills’ basic lounge chair that you can use inside or out.

There are no arm or head rests, but you do get a cup holder.

I like its simplicity and its low price point, but not sure how stable you would be lounging on one. Probably okay for kids.

If a corner sofa is too big or the wrong shape, you might want to look at a regular inflatable sofa.

Unfortunately there isn’t an abundance of good quality inflatable sofas, and they aren’t really designed for a 2 adults to comfortably sit on.

This Livivo Deluxe Double Sofa / Armchair is a good example of the type.

Personally I think it’s good for a large inflatable chair.

Yes you could sit 2 adults as a ‘love seat’, and as you would expect, you’ll be very cosy and snug together!

It’s very affordable though and can be used for a whole host of situations, including days out and camping.

I also like the 2-tone colour and the suede effect material.

I don’t think they knew what to call this inflatable, so they called it everything!

Is it a lounger? Is it a sofa? Is it a hammock? You choose!

Whatever it is, this inflatable has to be number one for versatility. It is even designed to be used on water.

The fact that its very bright in colour and a little bit cheap looking isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea for their garden.


I just love its multi-use functionality and impeccable German built quality / design.

Plus it is amazing value for money for what you get.

Check out all the features of the Aenamer Inflatable Lounger and you’ll probably have at least 1 or 2 ideas for its use! 

The Vango Inflatable Lounger is a smart looking chair with good design.

Despite the fact it’s quite low down, the padded back makes it relatively easy to get up from.

I like the 2-tone colour scheme and the suede effect fabric.

It has a rapid inflation and deflation system which is useful feature, and It comes with a repair kit if you do happen to puncture the skin.

Overall a nice looking inflatable chair that you can use in the garden or any outside space. It would also be ideal for camping or day trips away.