Best Garden Sun Loungers For Lazy Days And Summer Sun

When looking for a sun lounger to relax in the garden, most people simply want the best lounger for the price.

However, with the amount of choice available, you can get one (or more), that suits you perfectly.

You might need a sun lounger for a bad back, bad feet / legs or other medical conditions. You might want one for lying on your front, or a cool looking one with a funky design, or simply one that matches the colour scheme of your garden.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a sun lounger, there are dozens of great designs to choose from.

Here in the UK we cherish, pretty much every sunny day, as they don’t come round that often.

A sun lounger allows us to get outside quickly. They are often light-weight, and fold flat for easy storage.

Want a little more comfort when out and about? A sun lounger will sit nicely in the boot of your car.

They also have the advantage of several reclining positions, from full horizontal, to upright chair position. This makes them a great multi-purpose chair.

I’ve reviewed the best garden sun loungers that suit all needs and budgets.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks..

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Lafuma Recliner

If you know your sun loungers, you’ll have heard of Lafuma.

Lafuma is a French based company known for it’s high quality, outdoor products. They specialise in what they call “Relaxation Chairs” – basically sun loungers, and the epitome of French Chic.

Lafuma have spent a lot of time and money developing a sun lounger that meets very high standards.

They use Batyline technology for their fabric, which is coated with a highly weather-resistant and UV-resistant polymer that does not retain water. It dries almost instantly.

It is treated with an anti-fungal treatment to prevent mildew. It also carries the Oeko-tex® label: only given to products which are not toxic for both people and the environment.

The material is heated and then re-heated under tension to avoid sagging – often an issue with cheaper sun loungers.

The fabric is connected to the steel frame by a strong elastic suspension system, which can easily be replaced and offers excellent back support.

The zero gravity effect of these loungers mean they can have a positive health impact. Ideal for anyone suffering from swollen feet, or need a reclining position where the the knees are aligned slightly above the heart. This can help with blood circulation.

Lafuma currently offer over 20 Relaxation Chairs, all characterized by their sturdiness, style and practicality. Quick folding, and taking up little space, they are easily stored away.

The price of Lafuma sun loungers reflect their quality and comfort. They are one of the most expensive sun loungers on the market, but for good reason – they are the best.

Lafuma back these claims up with their whopping 5 year guarantee!

There is an impressive number of positive reviews you can read on to support these claims.

Here’s a typical review taken from Amazon:

“OMG these chairs are amazing they are the Rolls Royce of loungers. I bought the green one second-hand ridiculously cheap, but then the arguments started and everyone wanted to sit on it. I was shocked to see how much they cost but I’ve had it a good few years and it’s hardly aged. So I bit the bullet and bought another one on prime day. They are so worth it, there’s no better way to enjoy your garden”

VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy

If you like the idea of a Zero Gravity lounger, but your budget won’t stretch to a Lafuma Relaxation Chair there are other options that offer very similar features.

There are lots of Zero Gravity Sun Loungers on the market, sold by various outlets. It’s difficult to distinguish one from the other.

One thing that tends to differentiate the cheaper models from the more expensive ones, is the material used and how the fabric is connected to the frame.

Ideally you want to look for ones that have better quality fabric, such as Texteline fabric.

Texteline (often spelled Textoline) is a high strength polyesters with a PVC compound. It protects the fabric from UV damage, is easy to clean and very comfortable.

The VonHaus Set of 2 Heavy Duty, Textoline, Zero Gravity Chairs with Canopy ticks many of the boxes in this category and is a very affordable alternative to the Lafuma.

The VonHaus sun loungers have detachable head rests for easy cleaning, a drinks holder, are light-weight, a nice colour and easy to fold away and store.

I think they look great,.. and for the money you can’t go far wrong.

They also come with an impressive 2 year manufacturer guarantee. That’s a company that stands by it’s product.

The reviews on Amazon are equally impressive.

Ratan Garden Sun Lounger

No garden sun lounger top picks would be complete without including the Ratan lounger.

Rattan (often spelled Ratan), is synonymous with outdoor furniture, and has become a staple in British garden patio sets and chairs.

Rattan material has become so popular because it is lightweight, durable, suitable for outdoor use, and flexible. It is made from the stems of the rattan palms found in South East Asia.

This Rattan Sun Lounger has all those qualities, plus it has a nice comfy, waterproof cushion to boot!

It has 5 adjustable back rest positions and is very stable and light weight.

At 190cm long by 62cm wide and a load capacity of 150kgs, it can easily accommodate a 6 foot+ adult.

What I like about Rattan furniture is that you can build on it as you go along – it all matches. Plus it is not something you can replicate without it looking like an obvious cheap, plastic alternative.

This sun lounger is too comfortable for words!

GardenKraft 19180 Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounger

This Louis Moon Rocker Sun Lounger looks cool, is very modern and a lot of fun!

I love its space-age design and simplicity.

It’s a cross between a rocking chair and a sun lounger and like the zero gravity chairs it offers that near horizontal position.

The ‘Moon Rocker’ has a head rest and waterproof fabric.

It’s waterproof, and folds away flat for easy storage.

What’s there not to like?!

Lafuma Sun lounger

I know it’s another lounger from Lafuma, but I couldn’t leave this little fella out.

This sun lounger has the same awesome build quality as the Lafuma ‘Relaxation Chair’ but as a smaller version.

It would like great in a small space such as a balcony or court yard.

You can tell just by looking at it, it oozes quality and French chic-ness.

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of the Lafuma range, simply because I would rather spend a little more on a product that will last me many years if looked after.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for the best all round sun lounger, then I highly recommend the Lafuma Recliner.

There are a lot of budget loungers, but it really is a false economy in the long run.

Look after them and choose one from a reputable that has a guarantee / warranty.

Whatever you choose, I hope the sun shines for you!