Hi, my name’s Peter and I created Own The Garden.

Along with my wife Susan, we wanted to write about the love we ‘Brits’ have for our gardens, and how we spend our time in them.

More and more garden inspired ideas and products are being discovered, and we now have the opportunity to turn our outside space into something amazing.

Even if your garden happens to be a courtyard or tiny balcony, it’s your own private area that you can do so much with – if you only knew what!

Living in the UK we long for the Spring and Summer months so we can ‘get out in the garden’ and do stuff. But even in the colder months there are opportunities to enjoy outdoor experiences.

Our goal is to share our own and other people’s experiences, as well as recommend ideas, products and services.

We love to hear from other people who also share a love for their garden. If that’s you, drop us a comment in any of the posts.

Peter & Susan


We can be contacted at: admin[at]ownthegarden.co.uk